Studying For and Passing Your Actuarial Exams

When you’re looking to study and pass your actuarial exams there are going to be many things that will help you to prepare yourself for success. One of the biggest things is the simplest, download the outline and make sure that you read through it carefully.

Additionally, you can try to find someone that’s taken the course before you or simply do some searches about what the most important chapters and topics are. If you’re able to get some knowledge of those that have come before you and then apply it to where you know that you need to study and have garnered, you’ll be setting yourself up tremendously. Some things to think about are:

  • What are the best manuals to help you study?
  • What are the hardest chapters that need more attention than other areas?
  • What chapters will cover the highest share of the questions that will be on your exam?

You can get a lot of this information out of the test syllabus and then use the other information and materials you’ve gathered to put your studying in the areas that are covered and where you need it the most.

You should take a week out to read through the entire manual or textbook. The point here isn’t to do any calculation, however, just to go through the material and grasp everything you can through just reading. Of course there’ll be some variation with how you learn, but more often than not, going through and dealing with concepts before calculations will make things a little easier and give you a good stepping stone into calculations. Additionally, you’ll be able to get a really good idea as to what the exam is going to be all about.

Now, using the help of the text, you’ll want to go through and study the manual. You should remember that the examples you find in the chapters are used to teach the concepts, so make sure that you study those with the answers. Solving them on your own isn’t always the best idea since you’re going to be putting in a lot of effort with the previous exams problems later on.

Once you get to the end of the chapter problems, you should always keep in mind that your concentrations should be focused on skills improvements rather than attempting to solve them flawlessly. At this stage of your process your target is to improve your skills, and also gain understanding, of what has all be covered within that specific chapter.

Now will be the time to focus on sharpening your understanding and your skills and test them. Through going through and solving many of the prior exams and the sample questions provided.

The final step is going to purchase some good practice exams and take them just like they’re a real test. Since they’ll cover most of the added materials and they’ll be the most similar to your eventual exam sitting you should go through them completely before grading yourself and then figuring the areas that you’ll need to put some more focus on. By doing this and then testing yourself again with another practice test you’re guaranteed to solve some of the repeated exam questions with a high level of confidence.

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