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Becoming an Actuary

A business professional that analyzes risks and their financial consequences is an actuary. In order to study the uncertain future events, actuaries are going to use financial theory, mathematics and statistics, especially those that are of concern to pension programs … Continue reading

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Actuarial Science Entry-Level Requirements

An actuary is going to use their business, statistics and finance expertise in order to determine the probabilities of certain risks and events, for example any loss that would potentially affect their clients and/or employers negatively. Once they’ve analyzed the … Continue reading

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Actuary Course Requirements

All organizations will take certain risk measures as they begin engaging in business initiatives with the public at large. An actuary is going to analyze or review many different things, such as, evaluation of:

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Actuarial Science Requirements

Actuarial science is used in both the finance and insurance industries and utilizes statistics and mathematics to make risk assessments, such as, an investments financial risk or death risk. Certification will take 8-10 years for completion and comes with the … Continue reading

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